Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy New Year !!! and Shopping Spree Batch 7 : 10th January - 31st January 2011

Happy New Year shoppers!!! It is still not too late right? What is your new year resolution? Some might have, some might not because they feel like 'why do we have to wait until new year to make a new resolution, where it can be like everyday' Well, as for us, to get more customers of course! :D Sorry for not updating. Yeah.. yeah.. this blog has been in disarray for the past 3months. There were lots of things going on. But wait no longer! We are starting with a new batch, Batch 6. YEAY!! Lots of new stuffs came in the U.S, so go hunting for your best bargain.

Browse through any merchant from U.S and drop us an email or in the order/enquiry form for further details ya. Looking forward to hear from you shoppers!!